2023 Membership

Membership Benefits

  1. Two Courses, One Location, One affordable Membership!
  2. Well maintained 36 Hole Golf Course
  3. Membership options for every budget
  4. Discounted Power Cart Rates
  5. Member guest may take advantage of the $30 Green Fee (one guest per day per member.) (some restrictions do apply and is subject to change)
  6. Mulligan Discount Program (see below)

Membership fees

* Memberships are subject to 13% HST.

Returning Members  Fee
Paid by Oct 15, 2022
Eagle Fee
Paid by Dec 10, 2022
Paid by Jan 30, 2023
Regular Fees
Begins Jan 31, 2023
Adult/Senior 40+ $1640 $1695 $1775 $1885
Couples Adult/Senior 40+ $2995 $3050 $3130 $3240
Weekday Adult/Senior 40+ All hours except Sat, Sun & Holidays $1500 $1555 $1640 $1750
Out-of-Town Must reside beyond 80km $1555 $1610 $1665 $1720
Intermediate 26-30 $1035 $1090 $1145 $1205
Intermediate 31-39 $1555  $1610 $1665 $1720
Students -25 $730 $775 $840 $895
Juniors 13-18 $375 $375 $405 $405
 Child 9-12  $195 $195 $195 $195

Clubhouse fees

Locker 30
Club Storage Club Storage 150
(see below) with Rental pull cart for season 200
with Battery-operated cart 225
Season pull cart only $85

Course Policies

  1. Seasonal Golfers and Green Fee Players are responsible and liable for all damages to Summerheights Golf Links property.
  2. Summerheights Golf Links shall not be liable for personal injury to Seasonal Golfers, their guests or to any persons playing under Green Fee arrangements, or responsible for personal property of any nature whatsoever, belonging to members, their families, their guests of green fee players, which may be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed while on golf club premises.
  3. Seasonal Memberships are nontransferable and the same may be revoked and all privileges withdrawn at any time by Summerheights Golf Links without reason given. There are no refunds, partial or otherwise.
  4. All Fees & Dues must be paid in full or arranged for by May 1st, 2023.
  5. A.G.C.O. regulations do not permit consumption of alcohol on the premises that has not been purchased at the clubhouse bar, halfway house or beverage cart.
  6. Seasonal memberships are valid from course spring opening when weather permits through Oct 31st, 2023. Weather permitting play will continue into November at the digression of Summerheights Management. Seasonal Members may play at this time for ½ the Green Fee being charged at that time.

Adult / Senior Weekday 40+

    Weekday 5 day Membership may play Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays by PAYING $30 GREEN FEE. They may play any Leagues.

Club Storage will be available in 2023.

  1. Members who had Club Storage in 2019 are being offered Club Storage priority if reserved on or before December 10,2022, payment due on or before May 1sy, 2023.
  2. Members new to requesting club storage will be placed on a time booked wait list. Availability will be determined after December 11, 2022.
  3. No shoes, socks, wet towels, wet rain gear, lunch bags, etc. to be left in club storage area.

2023 Mulligan Program

    1. Mulligan’s are 5% of your club house purchases and are accumulated every time a member makes a Pro Shop Purchase, Rents a Power Cart, or Pays their Guests Green Fees. Mulligans are also awarded on Restaurant Purchases.

It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the sales person records the Mulligan Purchase

      1. . Mulligans have no dollar value however for every $20.00 spent in the clubhouse you will receive one Mulligan. Mulligans will then be deductible from your 2024 annual membership fee. For example, if you accumulate 20 Mulligan’s during the 2023 golf season you may deduct $20.00 from your 2024 fees. Mulligans will not be carried over to the following (2025 year’s fees.).
      1. Each purchase must be $5.00 value or greater excluding taxes.
      2. Maximum of Three Green Fees per member daily and must have played in the same foursome.
      3. Mulligan discounts will be applied only to members that have accumulated more than 5 Mulligan’s ($5.00) in 2023.

Purchases that Are Not Included in the Mulligan Program

      1. Alcoholic or non-Alcoholic beverages.
      2. Snack Foods, i.e. chips, peanuts, chocolate bars etc.
      3. Purchases made from the on course Beverage Cart or Halfway House.
      4. All Fees and Services as listed on the “Annual Statement of Fees”.
      5. Driving Range or Range Keys
      6. Tournament Fees and Banquets.
      7. Purchases of or Redemption of Gift Certificates.

Mulligan accounting will be done by Summerheights Golf Links daily and will be reconcilable monthly. All purchases for the season up to and including October 31, 2023 will be put towards your Mulligan account. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the sales person records the Mulligan Purchase. The Accounting Department will have your accumulated total deductible Mulligans at the end of the season.

The Mulligan Program is an incentive to generate increased membership patronage of the clubhouse facilities while rewarding the active member with Mulligans redeemable towards the 2024 Fees.

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