Course Policies


Ontario AGCO & Summerheights Golf Policies dictate that players may not bring their own alcohol onto our property. Alcohol not purchased from the golf club will be confiscated. Customers not complying will be required to leave and fees forfeited.


If you tee off in the rain there will be no raincheck given. If you tee off and there is a 60 percent chance of rain forecasted – rain checks will not be given. If you tee off on a nice sunny day and it rains, you will be given a rain check but it must rain for 15 minutes.


Groups of over 4 will never be permitted to play together at the club, no exceptions.


Groups of 2 will be paired with other groups of 2. Booking of a 4some to ensure you play as a 2some will result in the fee of 2 additional green fees.

Power Carts :

Drivers must be 19 years of age and older to rent a cart. Full drivers license required along with photo ID. Please keep your cart 30 feet away from greens, tee boxes, water hazards and bunkers. When wet please stay on cart paths were available. Limit of two (2) passengers and two golf bags per cart. Two (2) cart sharing is required, two (2) singles are not permitted at any time.

Non-Golfers (Walkers):

Everyone on the golf course must pay a green fee to access the course or pay a cart fee to ride (must stay in the cart if not playing golf). Walking the course if not golfing is not permitted.

Infants & Kids Under 7:

Due to safety and liability issues, children under the age of 7 are not permitted on the golf course.

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